Investor Relations

  • Knowledgeable, credible investor relations communication
  • Pro-active management and targeting of institutional investors, research analysts and industry events and conferences
  • Adding bandwidth to management and optimizing officers’ time
  • Refining the company’s message to the investment community
  • Drafting and providing counsel on financial, M&A and other releases to the press
  • Developing outlines and writing scripts for quarterly results conference calls
  • Anticipating and preparing for questions from the investment community
  • Creation of original and effective investor presentations
  • Providing counsel regarding IR best practices
  • Tracking success of IR activities; assessing 1-1s, conferences, marketing activities
  • Launching and managing IR efforts in Asia
  • Completing perceptions studies to identify areas of IR focus
  • Benchmarking companies relative to peers and bellwethers
    • Financials: growth rates, margins, capital resources
    • Market transparency: release of information such as bookings, backlog, customers, revenue breakdowns, earnings guidance
    • Wall Street record: stock performance, institutional holdings, research following, volatility
  • Developing the company’s Wall Street image in general, including participating in the creation of Annual Reports


Business Development

  • Identifying the landscape of companies for potential mergers and acquisitions
  • Representing the company in discussions with investment bankers and other company representatives in strategic discussions
  • Developing valuation analyses for proposed mergers, acquisitions, minority investments, divestitures and other strategic transactions
  • Structuring transactions  –  including price, currency and other relevant terms – based on the requirements/limitations of the client and cognizant of the investment community’s reaction to such transactions
  • Assistance in drafting Letters of Intent, Indications of Interest and other deal documents
  • Conducting due diligence of potential acquisitions or partnerships, including development of financial models, customer and supplier calls, and on-site visits


Strategic Consulting

  • Assisting management in identifying areas of growth and defining company direction
  • Providing analysis and presentations – frequently at the Board level – regarding M&A strategy, capital structure and financing alternatives
  • Helping company management and the Board of Directors in achieving desired results

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